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Crafted by Lynn Cove Foundry & Forge

Shutter Hardware - Made in North Carolina!

Available for Wood & Brick Structures

(1 Shutter Set Includes 4 Hinges & 4 Pintle Supports as Shown Below)

New York Style Exterior Shutter Hinge Sets

(each set mounts two shutters with two hinges/shutter)

New York Style 1 1/4" Offset Shutter Hinges for Wood/Vinyl Structures (Galvanized Steel)


New York Style 2 1/4" Offset Shutter Hinges for

Brick Structures (Galvanized Steel)


Shutter Hardware "S" Hooks

Regular & Stainless Steel Options

Boxed by Pair (2 "S" Hooks)

Black Iron 7" Shutter S Hooks

"Shutter Dogs"


8' Barn Door Set - 1000 Series

(select finish below for pricing)


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